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New Mobile App Provides Free Nautical Charts for Recreational Boating

MyNOAACharts, a new mobile app from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, was released this week for Android tablets. The app has built-in GPS capabilities to allow users to find their location on NOAA charts and will be in a beta test until Labor Day weekend. At that point the NOAA will evaluate usage and […]

Garmin reports Q4 marine revenue up double digits!!!

If there’s something I love, it’s sailing… I started sailing my catamaran with nothing more than a compass and a sense of direction from the flights I’d taken from St Thomas to San Juan PR, and on the first day I piloted her, I studied a chart to study depths and pointed my boat in […]

What are you feeding those valuable outboards?

  WASHINGTON – The results from two studies conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on the effects of E15 on marine engines were released on Friday, showing that the gasoline and ethanol blend can cause issues including drivability, materials compatibility, increased emissions, and long-term durability in outboard, stern drive and inboard engines, according to […]