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Awash in the ocean hanging onto your boat and a brush


I’ve been on the losing side of getting thrown about while attempting to clean my boat. Odd angles and swimming while the currents are trying to carry me away from the boat while I’m attempting to scrub any buildup from her hulls. I’ve tried hanging a rope off the side of the boat and holding it while waving wildly to scrub, only to find myself drifting aimlessly while missing the purpose of cleaning the hulls to a fine finish. Any sailor worth his while, knows this pain.

I recently sold my catamaran and had pulled it out of the water to have engines rebuilt and to finish the prep for the new owner. After pulling my boat from the water, I was so happy to find it to be so clean. My main deck hand used the Christmas gift I’d bought him 2 months ago. It was a quick grip.

Get a firm grip on the side of your boat while cleaning your fiberglass boat hull in the water or boarding safely with a Seateak Quick Grip boat suction handle.

It’s always a bit tricky to try to scrub the hull of your boat while in the water. Usually you are struggling to stay afloat while cleaning the water line.

We discovered this handy boat suction handle last season when we saw a boater using it as he scrubbed his boat hull while anchored out. Although I am sure it takes a bit of practice, this guy was practically sliding around the hull of his boat scrubbing the water line with one hand and using this boat suction grip to hold himself steady next to the boat and keep his head above the water (all while dealing with some wakes and anchored in fairly deep water).

The boat suction handle product that West Marine sells is called Seateak Quick Grip Handle and it seems like a deal for only around $15. It has stainless steel hardware so it won’t rust from being in the water, and it features a Quick Grip function that lets you easily secure it to a fiberglass hull and then quickly release it with the flip of a lever. (this boater we saw was releasing the grip, sliding it over to a new position and continuing to clean while in the water!)

The boat suction grip also seems to be a handy solution to not having a good handle for boarding a boat. Too many boats have either no boarding handle or a poorly positioned handle. With the Seateak Quick Grip Handle you can add a handle nearly anywhere you want on the side of your fiberglass boat for safer boarding.

I love this as a gift idea for a boater or just something you should pick up for yourself to add to your boat gear collection for easier maintenance and safer boating.

Seateak Quick Grip Handle . Perfect for steadying yourself while boarding; transiting a companionway or for cleaning a hull; QuickGrip features stainless steel hardware; and locking; super-grip suction. Installs instantly and releases with the flip of a lever.

I’m happy to know my deckhand likes the ease of using this grip. He’ll have plenty of practice on the new catamaran I’m scouting! Happy sailing!


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