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What are you spending your boat money on?

Taking care of the customer is a standard of business associated with brand reputation and pride in service/product. The owners of want to congratulate Chaparral Boats for placing the customer as it’s number one focus when satisafaction with the products they create are turned into a delivered expectation. Chaparral Boats continued its industry-leading streak […]

Navigating the waters

Being safe on the water is a challenge when lakes and waterways are crowded, yet it can be life-threatening when you’re in the open ocean as well. Most experienced sailors and powerboat captains have had their share of life threatening situations. I’ve been caught off guard in a situation or two myself and I am […]

Boating in Michigan Sept 2012

After all of the mergers and acquisitions in the boating industry, this amazing industry needs boater just like you and I to keep a positive growth margin. We do this by getting people involved in boating, sportfishing, skiing, & watersports. Get involved before Winter decides to hit. Even as far up as Michigan. I’ve listed […]