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Good Times at the Houston Boat Show

I went to the Houston Boat show this weekend! After a long flight and some questionable airplane meal choices, I landed in Houston to find a mecca of great boats, hot weather, and terrific Texas people everywhere.

It wasn’t crowded, but you could tell there were a lot of shoppers wishing for the perfect boat to bring home. I stopped a lot of folks to ask them if they were in a serious mood to buy a boat or simply looking at the new choices. Most of them told me money was tight and they came to gawk at the available choices, however, there were a few shoppers looking to replace their older boats. The majority of the people I talked with were mainly interested in bass boats, but there were a few folks looking for large ocean-going vessels which anyone would appreciate.

Money has been really tight for the American public for more than a few years now and the local dealers I interviewed said they’d been battered and beaten by imports and the lack of the public’s disposable income, yet most of those small “mom & pop” shops are trying their best to continue to have faith in the hope that the economy will turn around.

With the celebration of Independence day coming in the next few weeks, it’s important to remember those merchants who give their communities jobs along with the ability to keep believing in the American dream. I really respect those merchants despite the hardship of nearly losing everything to a downward sloped economy.

Usedboatyard.com is a firm believer in those shops who have fought to stay alive and fulfill their dream to provide a great service to the boating industry while providing an avenue for families to bond on the water. It is the spirit of those dealers we truly admire. Have a safe fourth of July from your friends at usedboatyard.com .


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